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GahlyanGroup is one of The Best Professional Website Development Company in Mumbai which is dealing in all types of Website Development Services in Mumbai with a small team of web designers and developers based in Mumbai.

How to build an impressive website

Did you notice that companies that did great in their online business created high quality websites? This is a requirement if you want to expand your online business. Although there are free social media sites that you can use to reach your market, the social media site is often limited because your updates won’t appear in your followers’ feeds. Therefore, a business expansion website is essential. Companies that do not recognize the need for this marketing tool are condemned for their commitment to the old forms of marketing. If you don’t listen to those with extensive internet marketing experience, you don’t mind creating a website. In this way, you lose a lot of commercial potential while your competition takes up a large percentage of the market share. Good web design ultimately leads to a great user experience. Failure to use the web design that makes your website look professional will do great harm to your business. So the dilemma that many business owners face is when you don’t know how to get good advice on improving website design to do additional business. One thing to keep in mind when trying to find a professional to do it is to take the cheapest one after you has seen their work. Very often, those who can create a good design are not cheap, as this is a product of the right analysis, good business sense and the creativity of the web design team. Those with a lot of experience in providing website design for business, knowing what would and wouldn’t work, would charge you a reasonable fee. Quality is never really cheap, especially in the things that result from the creative effort that corresponds to the business goals. You may find many free website design templates that you want to use for your business. The truth is that you can’t copy the design to thousands of other websites because it happens so often that people lose interest in their pages when they get there. If you are looking for a specific topic, you should also understand that many others use these free templates worldwide. So if you want to stand out, you have to create something else for your website that is tailored to the nature of your business. It would not make sense to simply copy what is offered as free. Remember, since it’s free, you’re limited to what you can change on your website, such as: fonts, font size, colour and navigation. As an intelligent entrepreneur, you know the potential of the company if you can only give it a clear identity online. So with all the effort to get free themes or hire your own web design team at a good price, you know which decision is definitely better in the long run.

How to choose a good web developer in Mumbai

Nowadays, it is very important that a particular company have a well-developed website, as this is the first opportunity to win a new customer or to increase the sales rate. According to a recent statistical report, a potential customer checks the Internet 80 present of the time before picking up the phone book. If your website catches your eye, you are likely to make a judgment about the service or product you are offering within a few seconds while you are initially looking for your website. If your website is not intuitive, informative, and not easily accessible, you shouldn’t expect to get the sale you want. Hiring a good web developer in Mumbai to create your new attractive website or web application can already make a difference when it comes to getting consistent sales.

What you need to find in a web developer in Mumbai

Since you already know how important it is to have your own commercial website, you can also see how important it is to find the best web developer in Mumbai to help you improve your website. You probably don’t want to catch the person without checking why you chose them. Of course, you want to examine it thoroughly before working with that person. The following consideration can lead you to the best possible web developer in Mumbai:

Consider an honest developer. You don’t want to be fooled by this person just because they tell you everything you want to hear. Check your honesty; Ask him a question that he will ask you again later. If the answer that comes from your mouth is exactly or 95% of your previous answer, you are more likely to be close to the person you are looking for.

Let’s see if it’s on time. You should probably consider the one who prepares easily when you call him. If you have refused to comply with the set date and time, continue with the search.

Check and ask the web developer in Mumbai for some references or examples showing your previous work. If he can’t show you these things, think twice or more before hiring him.

Choosing the best possible web developer in Mumbai is a big help for you. The decision which web developer in Mumbai you want to work with is still up to you. However, never stop considering these considerations.

How to choose an ecommerce web development company in Mumbai

Internet and computer technology has revolutionized thinking. With this help, we can sell and market our products and services over the Internet with as little effort as possible. Many web development companies in Mumbai recognized the important benefits of selling and marketing products online and started developing e-commerce websites. They have set up many online shops where companies can present their products online and sell them on the Internet. Most ecommerce websites offer a variety of product options to choose from. In them, buyers can select products, add selected products to the shopping cart and finally execute shipping orders to their doors. You can easily shop online without leaving the cosy comfort zones of your dream home. In addition, they can buy products at a cheaper price because it is a direct deal from a wholesaler or manufacturer to an end customer. Since these e-commerce websites save buyer’s time, money and work, they are keen to shop online. This has led to a great demand for more and more e-commerce websites. For this reason, many new and established companies are looking for their own e-commerce websites. Many ecommerce web development companies in Mumbai have emerged to help them meet their needs. Almost everyone promises to offer the best website at the most competitive price, but in reality you will notice a difference. All of them are not equally goods in terms of their works, customer service and prices. For this reason, you need to choose a professional e-commerce web development company in Mumbai. Choosing a professional company is no easy task. You can’t do this very well unless you don’t know how to do it. In this article we will discuss it.

How to choose a professional ecommerce web development company in Mumbai


You need to choose one that has years of experience in ecommerce web design and development in Mumbai. You must have a thorough understanding of UX design (user experience) and user interface (user interface).


You must have experience in integrating payment gateways. You must ensure safe treatment without the possibility of data being lost or personal data being stolen.


The company must be affordable for you. Before you contact a company, you need to be clear about your needs. Once you have clarified your needs, you should ask them about the price. Cross-check with other companies to ensure the reasonable price.

Read comments and reviews

Before you choose one, you need to read user reviews and comments. More positive reviews are always better.

Development of the B2B portal: Is it developing over the years?

Has the development of the B2B portal evolved in recent years? 2019 and 2020 were the years when developers invested heavily in simplified navigation, flat designs and minimalist elements. Designs that tell stories are also incredibly popular!

B2B portal development: what you need to know

Therefore, these professionals have been involved in the development of B2B portals to avoid more and more complex designs. You now have fewer pages to navigate, and a carefully crafted design that deals with the sales funnel more than any other element of your website. Easier and better organized navigation capabilities make it easier for developers to attract potential customers to sales pages. One of the key ecommerce trends affecting the development of a B2B portal is the increase in the number of millennial accessing this portal. In 2012, millennial accounted for only 27% of search queries. At present, however, they represent more than half of the potential buyers. That’s a jump close to 70%! A kind of growth that developers can hardly ignore! Let’s tell you that millennial as an important part of your customer base have forced developers to adopt the following elements for B2B portals. The portals are much more focused on relationships than before. Developers need to understand that millennial grew up in a scenario where they always had access to personalized services. Whether you’re a digital marketer or a web developer in Mumbai, your millennial viewers need to feel the “connection” with you. Just as digital marketing specialists must resort to “smarter” social plans, they must also underpin their design efforts. And how do you do that? How do you ensure that you are on the right track to make your audience feel connected? We strive to find the answers right here! Tell stories to drive traffic. Easier storytelling techniques have made it easier for brands to connect with users. We’ll tell you how important “connectivity” is for driving traffic. How about weaving your own stories with your sales funnel? Try to reproduce the dreams of today’s millennial: “start-ups,” “entrepreneurship,” “solo entrepreneurship,” and what not!

Do not stop

Do not be afraid to use your website to tell your stories to your readers. Do not be afraid to tell them how it started or about the history of some of your products. Do not back down when it comes to telling them about battles while designing a product. Therefore, you can understand how the nuances of B2B web development in Mumbai have evolved over the years and will do so. The more you learn, the better you can accept these changes.

Development of the B2C portal: exploring its advantages and more

The development of the B2C portal (Business to Customer) has taken a constant course over the years. Why are companies ready to invest in the development of the B2C portal? The reason is not so hard to find. The reason for its steady growth is why brands want their websites: A well-optimized website has the power to increase reach in a way that hardly offers any other option. However, when it comes to the holistic advantages of B2C portal development in Mumbai, you can see that it goes far beyond the mere expansion of its reach.

Development of the B2C portal in Mumbai: why is it important to know?

At the heart of the success of the business-to-customer portals is the ability to increase economic efficiency in all areas. Your B2C portal is your customers’ direct access to your brand. You have enough leeway to improve the quality of your customer service by working better with you. Here are some advantages that are explained at some points:

It helps you to tailor your strategies to the needs of your customers.

It helps you solve customer problems more easily.

Minimize the overhead and inventory costs of your business.

This allows your customers to conduct a simple online transaction process

Reduce paperwork

Easy payment

Simple billing systems

It paves the way for an advanced business process

It gives way to a stronger bond with your customer

Be specific: discover what it means

When maximizing B2C platforms, it is extremely important for you to know that different companies may also need different development technologies. If you’re a travel company, you may want to learn about the functions of online travel portals. In this case, you definitely want to hire a web development company in Mumbai that has previous knowledge of GDS and XML / API. Ideally, the company should be able to group the various APIs, XMS and GDS for the various travel packages, flight reservations, transfers, cruises, tourist visits, insurance modules, hotel reservation facilities, and so on. As a travel company, you need to be aware that electronic commerce is the current boom in the travel and tourism industry. Developers working on travel platforms need to be smart enough to identify all of the ways to simplify business transactions by connecting businesses and customers. And how exactly can you make it easier for your customers to contact you? A very simple way would be the introduction of an electronic market.

Choose the right website developer in Mumbai for your needs?

Now that you know the reach of B2C portals, you should consider not having them until you no longer have them. If you decide to invest in a portal to increase your reach, you need to keep the above points before hiring a web developer in Mumbai. Make sure that the developer you are focusing on has a solid understanding of all of the above technologies.

Choose the best PHP website development services in Mumbai

As technology advances, competition between web development companies in Mumbai and web developers is increasing. The struggle for existence is the most important factor today, and only the strongest can survive in such a situation. PHP or the hypertext pre-processor has remained a strong competitor in this competitive market and is therefore used by most web users. Suppose you want to develop a website for your company or for your customer. Before developing a website, choosing a suitable scripting language plays a very important role. Choosing a scripting language that is not only convenient to use and implement is a challenge in itself. However, if you use PHP as the scripting language, you can avoid general technical errors that programmers would otherwise notice when using other programming languages.

But why should PHP is used as the scripting language?

Nowadays there are a lot of programmers who are familiar with PHP. Even many students today want to learn PHP. Therefore, it is much easier for you to hire a PHP web developer in Mumbai and create a website for you.

In addition, other factors have made PHP a popular programming language.

First of all, it should be mentioned that PHP is a server-side scripting language. This is the best solution if you want to create a dynamic website.

PHP is basically an open source website development platform. Therefore, it is very easy and convenient to use.

HTML codes are used to encode PHP as a programming language.

PHP can be run on various platforms such as UNIX, Linux, Windows and many others.

In fact, PHP is even most compatible with IIS and Apache.

Some important and widespread applications like Ajax and Flash can be easily integrated into PHP.

PHP supports various databases such as Oracle, My SQL and many others.

As technology grows faster every day, the complexity of programming languages ​​increases. PHP takes advantage of the trend and is updated regularly to meet the needs of advanced applications. This makes PHP more useful and successful as a scripting language. Some general advantages of PHP:

PHP is very useful for creating an attractive website, even with minimal effort.

PHP has an integrated memory optimization. It also improves the processing speed of the servers.

No external plug-in is required to develop a website with PHP. Therefore, working with PHP is much easier.

Troubleshooting with PHP is a smooth task.

Websites developed with PHP are much more SEO-friendly than other programming languages.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best content management systems.

With the advancement of PHP, developers will find the best way to develop a website.

If you are an employer, you should hire a PHP developer. The reasons are as follows:

PHP developers can do their web development task easily and effortlessly, according to their needs.

You can easily find an experienced developer, since most developers today prefer to work in PHP.

Then let go of all your worries; hire an experienced PHP web developer in Mumbai and see how beautiful your website can be.

Choose the best website development agency in Mumbai for your business

The website is the base presence of the online company. Therefore, choosing the best web development company in Mumbai to represent your brand is extremely important. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises, as they have to make more efforts to establish themselves before their customers. When choosing the best web development company in Mumbai for your business, consider the following:


A company can never dream of developing its website if it does not do its own work. Check your website. Does it look professional? Is it easy to navigate? Ask if they have a wallet. This is the best way to examine the types of sites that you can create. It is a good sign that they are able to create different websites, which means that they have worked with a large number of their clients. If you convince yourself, you will know if you are good for your business or not.


This is a very important factor that determines the course of your cooperation. An agency that does not respond well cannot communicate with its clients on projects. How fast do you respond to inquiries? Are you getting your calls back? If they cannot do that, then it’s a big red flag and you should not choose this agency. It is very important that the website development company in Mumbai you select communicate with you constantly. During their cooperation in their projects they have to submit reports. If they do not perform well before winning your business, they most likely cannot communicate with you if you already work with them.

The people

Set a schedule for visiting your office if you are not a foreign company. In this way you can make a better judgment, since you can see them personally. How do your employees deal with visitors? What does your working environment look like? Do you have a very close relationship? Do you think that these people can provide the service you want?

User reviews

What your customer says about his services says a lot about your business. Explore them and their previous customers. Did you like the service? Are there more negative than positive reviews? If you know this, you will be saved from a potentially bad company. It’s always better to be wise. You can also talk to other people who have previously worked for the company and ask about their experiences.


All other factors may be of benefit to you, but do not forget that web development is not offered for free. You have to select a company that fits your budget. Be wise enough to know that your money pays off for the services you receive. Create a budget plan so you can save unnecessary costs and maximize your budget. Making the right choice when choosing the best web development company in Mumbai for your business can be the key to your success. Never take for granted and give enough time and consideration.

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